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Multimedia publishing house "Games and Toys"

ИиИ №2-2014.jpg"Games and Toys" is a magazine for adults who care about what their kids play with! It all starts with the game, so we start to buy toys for our children from an early age. But how to make right choice among the huge range of gaming products offered by the manufacturers? After all, for every parent and teacher it is important that toys bring the joy, help to instill skills, promote the comprehensive development of the child's personality and in any case do no harm to health. The magazine "Games and Toys" is the information platform, through which all who in any way associated with production or use of game material can communicate. Manufacturers offer their products, experts estimate, give advice on the use, share experiences, and parents leave their reviews and impressions of this or that game or toy, manufacturers pay attention to the shortcomings or offer their opponents exciting solutions. The magazine is distributed free of charge.

Эксперт обл №4-2014.jpgThe magazine "Games and Toys. Expert" is a practical handbook for teachers and psychologists. We publish materials of professionals who are eager to share their experiences and offer readers use their methods and achievements. Summaries of sessions, scripts of holidays and entertainments, leisure activity, planning of gaming technology - all useful materials for teachers and psychologists in building an effective educational process. Subscribe to the magazine "Games and Toys. Expert "and it will become indispensable" Handbook "on your computer's desktop. Preparing for classes will be easier with the bank of pedagogical experience of your colleagues. The magazine is distributed free of charge.

ГИД_2015-02.jpgAdvertising industrial magazine "Games and Toys. Products for children. Guide" is designed for professionals in the development, production and sales of games and toys, as well as products for children. The edition, which helps professionals to find the right contacts in the B2B segment of the industry of children's products, describe their proposals and learn about the latest market news. We publish industry analytics, business experience, useful materials for the heads of companies and entrepreneurs in the f ield of legal and accounting services, the PR and marketing. The publication is distributed free of charge both in print (at exhibitions), as well as in electronic form (by subscription).

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